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What we have AVAILABLE:

(2 acre)

(2.5 acre)



Here at Bulldog Fishery, we have more than 30 years experience in the trout industry. Although, mainly providing a restocking service in the past, we now focus more on our own fishery. As of October 2023, we completed our expansion work (doubling the original fly lake in size). The lake is now stocked with some of the hardest fighting trout the UK has to offer. 


The fly lake holds a healthy number of Rainbow, Brown, Tiger and Spartic Trout. These fish average 2- 5 lb amongst a smaller quantity of double figure specimens, with the current lake record being a 16 lb Brown Trout. 

With the marvellous stock we are rearing for the future, we have a strong feeling that Bulldogs Fly Fishery will soon become one of the most popular and enjoyable Fishing Experiences in North Devon.

At a glance:

- Stunning Valley Scenery 

-  Stocking fish from 2 lb to approx. 16 lbs

- Rainbow, Brown, Tigers & Spartic Trout

- Open 7:30am - 7:30pm 

Please note: Before booking please familiarise yourself with our 'Lakeside Rules' tab. Rules put in place to keep our anglers and fish safe & happy.


lake fly 1.png




Our Specimen Carp Lake

The Lake:

Located on our peaceful fishery in North Devon, maximum effort has been put into building what we believe is the perfect Carp Lake.

At a glance:

Standing at 2.5 acres, the lake was built from scratch in March 2022. During construction a number of features were assembled, these include:

- Protruding banks to section off areas

- A shallow bar (great on hot days)

- Deep pits (fantastic for winter sessions)

- Pathways and swims being gravel laid on membrane (this has resulted in our carp lake being kept free from mud in all weather conditions)

- A total of 10 swims (evenly spaced along the banks, we allow a maximum of 8 anglers to fish at any one time - This ensures for plenty of room for everyone, with space to move if wished.)

- The spacious swims are made up of gravel laid on membrane enclosed by our unique concrete cast railway sleepers, with extended decking out the front.

- There are 8 single swims and 1 double swim available

- A 'Social Hut' is available (This hut is a great meeting place for groups of anglers, that have exclusively booked the lake. A place to escape the sun on those blistering hot days, or to huddle up on those chilly winter nights. This hut is perfect for the socials all year around and a splendid place to rise to the challenge when taking on the famous 'Bulldog Belly Buster' Breakfast. - See 'Lakeside Food' tab for more info.)

The stock:

In total we have stocked 126 Carp in this Lake. At present the average size is 18-22 lb and growing, alongside these fish are a healthy number of 20 lb +, with the lake record standing at 33 lb (24.12.22). We are confident all anglers will be delighted when landing some of our magnificent, hand picked fish. In addition to these carp, are a handful of bream, 10 of which are 9-13.5lb! 

No expense was spared during the construction of this lake. Everything from the lake layout ,to stock, to swims, pathways and even the vegetation surrounding the lake has been chosen with the upmost care and attention. We are extremely excited to see what the future holds.

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